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Proper Footwear for Safari

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You've just climbed the gentle rolling kopje (a large smooth rock outcropping) on the vast Serengeti plains of Tanzania for afternoon tea.  Spread out on the vast sea of lush green grass below you is an enormous herd of wildebeest, zebra, and Thomson’s gazelle, lazing about munching the short grasses.  All is peaceful on the endless plains; even the resident predators take a break from their pursuit. 

101 Uses for a Bandana on Safari

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Safari essentials include a hat, binoculars, sunscreen, flashlight and your bandanas.  The worst part of safari life (depending on location and season) is the dust and the heat.  So the most obvious uses for bandanas are to keep your neck warm on frigid morning drives, to protect you from the midday sun and dust, and to become the perfect accessory on bad hair days.